Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love Rocks and so does Art!

I set a goal to to finish four pieces for the fundraiser and art event "Valentine for AIDS" and the exhibition "Love Rocks" that is being held in conjunction with VFA. I think I may actually make it. And with that comes the realization that, if I set my mind to it, I can bust out some art! I guess it's not just the words that have been stuck...oh yea, I already knew that. The good news is that I actually even like the pieces that I have worked my ass off trying to finish in this short deadline. I envy those people that can put a canvas on the easel and have it finished that evening for the opening of the show (that actually happened). I have often said, "I wish I were a painter." But no, I had to be a sculptor, big, heavy, hard to store, lots of tools and materials, blah blah blah...hard work. And to think I used to be a photographer, instant gratification there baby (no offense to any photographers out here)!! So anyway, the point is that I AM GOING TO MAKE IT! And you should definitely attend both of those events ;o) Valentine for AIDS opens February 4 @ the Flying M, and Love Rocks opens February 5 @ VaC...Hope to see you there!!!

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I heard you speak tonight about photographing your (our) art work and like a good girl, I came home and looked up your website. I have a blog myself and so of course had to stop in at yours. Thanks for sharing. I will add myself as a follower. pam
    ps please don't judge me on my bad photographs, I know I need to re-shoot EVERYTHING!