Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey look it's 2012! It seems that I didn't write one thing in 2011...I missed a whole year on this blog, how does that even happen?! Was I that busy? Was I watching too much TV? I don't know about you but some good stuff happened for me and there were some things that I wanted to happen that didn't...but enough about 2011. It's 2012 a fresh start!

So I have some resolutions for 2012 and I figure the best way to commit to them is to put them in writing and then share them with the world so I have someone to hold me accountable. Even if no one ever reads this it's the idea that counts, you know that mental twist that happens when you think someone is looking?!

1. 25 pounds...I mean it this time ;o) I have to confess that I had the same resolution last year and the year before and maybe the year before that and here I am pretty much exactly the same place, give or take (mostly give) as I was all those Januarys before. So this time I mean it. This time I'm actually gonna do something about it instead of just talk about it. I found out that just talking about it doesn't really work...damn!!

2. Work Harder...I know what you're thinking "Doesn't she work hard already?" (or maybe you're not..;o) I do work hard but I also dawdle a lot, I waste time (a lot of time), I'm very unorganized, I work hard at things I shouldn't and don't work hard enough at things I should. So this year I focus. I figure out how to make it all happen, how to fit more hours into my day, how to get it all done in a timely manner and still have time for my Wife and grandkids. Really what I want is to figure out how to make a living without being afraid all the time and still manage to have a good life!!! That's what I meant when I said "Work Harder"

3. Actually write this blog...Is that weird?! I feel like I want to make a commitment to this?! I've been thinking about this a lot and what I've decided is that "My Voice", me, Sue Latta, the artist, my voice is found in the art, or maybe I should say "ART". So I want to document that process here, to share that with you, and keep a record for me. You know what that means...more pictures. Specifically, my goal is to write and post pictures of what is going on at the studio at least once a week.

Now you know...and I want you to hold me to it!


  1. look forward to it! does this mean i get to see the evolution of the nat geo/citrasolve project? :) happy new year sue!