Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Things We do for Love and Money...

It's week two and I'm down by 1 pound, whichcould just mean that I haven't had enough water..? But I did go to the gym...yes the gym...4 times last week. BSU offered free January at the BSU Rec. for staff so I took them up on it, it really is the only perk that adjuncts get. It's a very nice gym and I've found a couple of machines that I like, unfortunately school starts tomorrow and I will probably never get my favorite machine again...:o(
The studio was very busy. Since I finished the last project I had to get started on the next project(s)...and I've been doing a good job at documenting the process just
for you!

So I started 4 new projects this week but I only made progress on 2 so you can expect to see the other 2 next week (fingers crossed)...did I mention that school starts this week? That does complicate my studio schedule...;o)

Project 1
In December I was involved with the Trey McIntyre Project 10+1 show (I didn't document the process at all) and I sold all the pieces!! ;o) YEA! And I offered them as an edition and actually sold 1 more besides the 3 that I made...so this week I made that piece and had the opportunity to document the process...somewhat. I don't know if any of you saw them but they were relief sculpture of a figure next to some text (text written by Trey McIntyre). Cast in white resin with a black wood frame. So here are the pictures of the re-make:



finished piece...Wa Laa! (sp) I'm afraid I'll have to post project 2 later it's time to go to the studio and get to work!!

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  1. Hey SteelSue, my blog is coming along, I'm really digging coaching basketball this quarter! I am down 3 lbs., but I just had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce and nuts. Sh**. Oh well, progess not perfection. I'm trying to walk everyday, even if it is late, dark, or cold. Today I shoveled the walk instead. I'm having fun, taking care of myself (eating better and LESS, the aforementioned walks,), being productive (the blog and the coaching), and having FUN. Isn't that what it's all about? Looking forward to more of your posts! Check mine out if you have time :)
    Jessie Ponder