Monday, January 9, 2012

off and running...

One week far I have lost 0 pounds ;o) But I know you're watching that's going to help I'm sure of it!

I've been thinking about this and since I didn't make one single entry in the blog in 2011 I think I'm going to post a highlight reel (so to speak) of the art from 2011. Now I just have to gather images from everything I made...I've been very disorganized about that so it won't be this week but look for it in the weeks to come. This will give me the impetus I need to get down to the mayor's office to photograph my Boise Visual Chronicle piece, which sat finished in my studio for over a month and I never bothered to take a picture of it...ugggh!

Now that I have made this commitment to you (whoever you are ;o) I've started taking more pictures with the thought that I'll document the process of each piece from start to finish. This is all new to me, mostly I've spent my life not documenting anything, for many years I didn't even sign my work...lame!

OK so this week I finished a piece I started working on before Christmas. A piece of furniture that is. Very functional, not art...It was a barter deal. I did learn some things though, I learned how to laminate a countertop (I don't know when but that might come in handy), I learned that you need to spend the extra $15 for the cabinet grade plywood instead of just the sanded stuff and that drawers are easier to make than you might think and I make a good drawer..;o)

So here it is:
Two cabinets, pullout shelf, drawer

laminate countertop to match the existing counter

All finished (installed it on Saturday) and already covered in crap...Just the way it should be!

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